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Privacy Notice

TOM is operated by Pro-Force Limited, part of the Pebble Group. The Privacy Notice below sets out how the TOM Portal, and therefore Pro-Force Limited, use and protect any information provided to us.

This Privacy notice, together with our Terms and Conditions,  sets out how TOM uses and protect any information provided to us.

TOM, as part of Pro-Force Limited is a data controller and data processor for the purposes of data protection legislation. Relevant, authorised members of staff will have access to personal information. We are registered with the Information Commissioners office and our registration number is: Z9297919

We ask you to share information with us so we can provide you with work finding and related services via the TOM Portal., This notice tells you what you can expect from us, and how we will protect your rights. It is applicable to information we collect about our staff members, our temporary agency workers and individuals who work at our clients and other companies we do business with.

If you wish to exercise any of your data rights, please contact our compliance department on 01227 733 880 or

Processing Information

Pro-Force processes information about individuals, known as “personal data” in order to carry out our business as an employment business for the purposes of temporary recruitment services, and as an employment agency for the purposes of permanent recruitment services.


By law, we have obligations to ensure that candidates we place into vacancies are suitable for positions, and that those positions are suitable for those candidates. We have a duty of care to look after the best interests of our staff members, agency workers and clients and to do that we need to collect and process relevant information. We process some information to help us make sure we are delivering a service that treats people legally and fairly, prevents human rights abuses and is always improving.


Data Rights


All individuals have the following rights regarding their personal data:


· The right to be informed – You have the right to be informed about what information Pro-Force holds, what we use it for, who we are sharing it with, how long we are keeping it and on what basis we process the data. As a employment business, we have a legitimate interest in processing personal data to ensure we are matching candidates with suitable vacancies / work opportunities. There are also times where we have to process personal information because we are required to by law. For areas outside of the above, we will seek consent.

· The right of access – If you would like to see the records we hold on file for you, please make a request in writing to our compliance department.

· The right to rectification – If you believe we are holding incorrect information, you can ask us to correct it.

· The right to erasure – You can ask us to remove your information. As long as there is no legal requirement for us to keep your information (for example, HMRC require us to keep payroll records for time periods as set by law), we will remove your details.

· The right to restrict processing – Instead of asking it to be removed, you can ask us to stop processing it. For example, you can ask us to stop contacting you about work opportunities.

· The right to data portability – if you want to take your data to another organisation please contact our compliance department.

· The right to object – you have the right to object to your data being processed on the grounds of legitimate interests, direct marketing and processing for statistical purposes. We will stop processing your information immediately unless there is a legal reason for us not to do so.

· The right not to be subject to automated decision making – we do not use automated decision making in our recruitment processes.


Information we collect, use and store

Each section below tells you what information we collect, how we use it, and how long we keep it for.

Temporary Agency Workers


Agency workers are workers we supply to work with our client companies. We collect personal data from you in order to fulfil our contract with you, to comply with our legal obligations and where it is in our legitimate interests in order to provide you with work finding services and to supply our clients with labour.

This includes:


· Name and contact details

· Right to work status (including copies of ID / passport / other applicable documentation)

· Skills, experience, qualifications

· Details about work requirements / opportunities

· Next of kin

· National insurance number and bank details


We may also ask for further information to confirm work suitability, including:


· Reference details

· Health questionnaires relevant to the type of work

· Unspent criminal convictions


Once a contract has been offered, we will also ask if any reasonable adjustments are required to undertake any roles. For some roles, we may use assessment as part of the recruitment process, such as literacy, numeracy, colour comprehension or skills testing) and these results will be held on file.


The information we collect will only be used for the purposes of progressing your application for work, or to fulfil legal / regulatory obligations (as is applicable). The information we ask for helps us to assess your suitability for work. You don’t have to provide us with the information we ask for, but it might affect our ability to provide you with work if you don’t.


We will keep the information for either the minimum period we are required to keep it by law, or where applicable, where you give us consent to keep the information.


External Business Contacts


This means individual members of staff at our clients, suppliers or any other support organisation we work with to perform the legitimate activities of the business, or access the TOM Portal to advertise their jobs.


We collect personal data in order to comply with our legal obligations and where it is in our legitimate interests as an employer/labour provider to do so. Individuals within the companies we work with are also entitled to have their personal information protected. We will only share information where it is allowed by law and relevant to our legitimate business activities, such as providing name, job title and contact details when arranging an interview. We may also share professional information that is already in the public domain (such as company website pages, LinkedIn profiles, and similar media).


The information we ask for will only be used in connection with the legitimate activities of our business.

We keep the information for either the minimum period we are required to keep it by law, or, where relevant, for as long as you give us consent to keep the information, whichever is longer.


We will retain contact details for individuals within client organisations while the organisation remains a current or prospective client organisation, or is using the TOM Portal. Individuals within the organisations we work with have the same rights as any other individual (including the right to be forgotten). Anyone wishing to exercise their rights under data protection legislation should contact our compliance department.


Sharing Information


In order for us to meet our contractual and legal obligations, we are required to share information.


· Client organisations – in order for our client organisations to consider candidates for opportunities within their businesses, we need to share candidate information with them. We have contracts in place with these organisations that require them to treat candidate information as confidential before we share information with them.

· Information shared with candidates – in order to perform our recruitment and labour provision services, we need to share client contact information with candidates

· Auditors and Inspectors – from time to time we may be audited by third parties to ensure that we are operating as a legally compliant and ethical business. These third parties may include:

o Government regulatory and enforcement audits

o Independent social compliance audits

o Client audits

· Other – if we would like to share your data with anyone not covered in this privacy notice, we will only do this where we have a legitimate reason to do so, and where required will ask for your specific consent to do so.

For further information on Pro-Force data protection procedures, please refer to our Data Protection Policy or contact the compliance department on 01227 733 880 or

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